Course Description

A podcast is a digital file that anyone on the Internet can download to their computer or cell phone. Podcasts can be an audio or video recording, they range from just about any subject, content, and interest. If you are passionate, curious, or looking for more information on something, guaranteed there is a podcast to fill that void. The difference between a Podcast and regular audio files: The primary difference is the way Podcasts are shared. Through the RSS form, anyone with a device can subscribe to podcasts. Podcasts are automatically downloaded and managed by podcatching programs such as iTunes. Whereas simple audio files must be found and downloaded manually by users.

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Who Should Attend

This course is for anyone with a desire to create their own podcast.

Attend and You Will Receive

Participants who successfully complete this course will receive a certificate of completion from NC State University.


For the course, you’ll need to listen to two professional podcasts. In your areas discuss the podcast you listen to with the instructor.

  • What did you like about the podcast? Is there anything you didn’t like about it?
  • Be prepared to discuss your ideas with the rest of the class.
  • You will also need to download Audacity a free recording app.
  1. Download Audacity on this website: http://www.audacityteam.org/
  2. Go to the following website to learn how to use Audacity: http://www.wikihow.com/Record-a-Podcast-with-Audacity Course Objectives • Pre and Post Production • Research

Attend and You Will Learn / Expected Outcome

Expected Outcomes

You will be able to create your own podcast after completing this course.

Attend And You Will Learn

  • Pre and Post Production
  • Research
    • Sports
    • Weather
    • Local News
    • World News
  • Finish research- Take notes
  • Scripting - Write a draft of a script
  • Roleplay- Rehearse script
  • Edit Script
  • Finalize Script
  • Podcast Sharing
  • Do a test recording
  • Record podcast
  • Submit the best version of download
  • Listen to best-of podcasts
  • Class final podcast
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