Course Description

Overview: Podcasts are not necessarily a new medium, but have taken off in popularity and listenership in recent years. Today they’re being used to convey
personal passions, causes, stories (both fact and fiction), and helping to grow brand awareness and sales prospects in a scalable, low-cost way.

Adweek found that 65% of listeners are likely to buy a product after hearing an ad in a podcast. That staggering statistic shows just how effective podcasting can be for your organization. Podcasting will not only help you grow your brand (personal brand or business) but it will also help develop trusting relationships with your audience.

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Who Should Attend

This is relevant to entrepreneurs, business owners, social selling experts, and institutions.

Attend and You Will Receive

Participants who successfully complete this course will receive a certificate of completion from NC State University.


Bring to class:

  • Computer (preferably a Mac but a PC loaded with Audacity will work as well.)
  • Earbuds or headphones
  • Mobile device (iPhone or Android)
  • Something to take notes with (Notebook + pen or computer)

Attend and You Will Learn / Expected Outcome

Expected Outcomes

Course Takeaways: No experience necessary. Students will leave with a live/launched podcast that they’ve conceived, written, produced, hosted, edited and
launched into the world. Attendees will finish the class with a comprehensive podcast strategy and will be able to articulate the benefits, advantages and challenges of podcasting. In addition to the production of the actual podcast, we will cover promotion, release strategy, and you’ll have at least one episode in-hand either to
launch or have an example of your work.

Whether you’re looking to launch a podcast as a personal project or if you’re looking to grow your organization’s footprint with a different medium for content marketing, this course is for you.

Attend And You Will Learn

Class Session Breakdown
Session 1 – What is podcasting and why is it important? History of podcasts, equipment, important milestones and current market for podcasts. We’ll build a familiarity with podcasting and the high-level tech overview of how podcasts work. What are the different formats to consider? Why is mobile the key for podcasting success? We’ll also cover podcast discovery, monetization and fit within a larger content marketing strategy. Homework will be “assigned listening”. Listen to selected podcasts to get a better sense of formats, styles, and we’ll use those as reference in future classes.

Session 2 – Strategy and pre-production. We’ll discuss topics for podcasts and start to articulate what each student is wanting to convey in their podcast. We’ll also cover calls-to-action, podcast name and value proposition. We’ll then get into the pre-production process of podcasts, writing scripts and ensuring the content you want comes through.

Session 3 - Recording.
In session three, we’ll practice recording podcasts. Tools needed, how to record, where to record and software to use. Recordings can be done with guests around the world or sitting around a table in one location. We’ll cover both. We’ll also cover intros/outros and music to go on your podcast.

Session 4 - Editing the audio and posting. For our fourth sessions, we’ll review the editing process and edit our audio down to final tracks. We’ll also add intro/outros
and music and get podcasting perfection. We’ll then cover how to get your episodes posted to iTunes, Stitcher and more.

Session 5 - Promoting your podcast and growing listenership. In our final session, we’ll take our podcasts to the public by letting the world know. We’ll cover unique
strategies to promote your podcast through social, digital and traditional marketing routes. Students may share samples of their podcasts to highlight good/bad and
lessons learned during the production process.

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