Course Description

In Level 2, you will immediately see how HTML5 makes webpage development easier, greatly decreasing the development time required by Web designers. You will be shown additional steps that lead to a solid HTML5 knowledge-base. This class will focus on working with HTML5 tables, lists, forms, multimedia, and more.

See specific content information below in the section "Attend and You Will Learn."


Who Should Attend

This class is geared towards NC State University Computer Training Unit Webmaster Certificate graduates and anyone who wants to advance their knowledge of HTML5.

Attend and You Will Receive

Participants who successfully complete this course will receive a certificate of completion from NC State University


Students should be familiar with HTML5 Level 1 knowledge.

Attend and You Will Learn / Expected Outcome

Attend And You Will Learn

  • Using HTML5 Elements instead of div classes for Page Layout 
  • How CSS works with HTML5 Page Layout (In-depth CSS is covered in separate class)
  • Extending tables within HTML5 
  • Extending lists within HTML5
  • New form controls in HTML5
  • Options for integrating audio within HTML5
  • Options for integrating video within HTML5 
  • Introduction to the HTML5 canvas 
  • Validating HTML5



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Section Title
HTML5 Level 2
9:00AM to 4:00PM
Sep 15, 2020
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  • Off Campus
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Standard Registration Fee non-credit $345.00