Course Description

Learn how to utilize Visual Basic for Application and how to construct programs with Excel in order to automate repetitive jobs or complex operations.

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Who Should Attend

Individuals looking to gain the skills necessary to apply VBA to develop macros, format worksheets, create user-interactive macros, work with multiple worksheets, and perform calculations. In addition, anyone who already has knowledge of the basics of Excel, including how to create, edit, format, and print worksheets that include charts and sorted and filtered data.


Proficient knowledge of Excel.

Attend and You Will Learn / Expected Outcome

Attend And You Will Learn

Introducing Visual Basic for Applications

  • Recording a macro
  • Running a macro
  • Understanding the VB editor
  • Using the menu bar
  • Using the standard toolbar
  • Using the Project Explorer
  • Using the properties window
  • Understanding the code window
  • Understanding the code window options
  • Editing code
  • Closing the visual basic editor

Introducing Objects

  • Understanding the object browser
  • Understanding objects
  • Understanding the object hierarchy
  • Referencing objects
  • Understanding collections
  • Using the Editing features
  • Using the immediate window
  • Using the auto list
  • Using auto quick info

Introducing Variables

  • Understanding variables
  • Declaring variables
  • Understanding data types
  • Storing values in variables
  • Storing objects in variables

Creating Procedures and Functions

  • Understanding procedures
  • Using the Macro Recorder to create sub procedures
  • Calling procedures from procedures
  • Using intrinsic functions
  • Using message boxes
  • Using input boxes
  • Creating functions
  • Passing arguments to a function

Working with Conditional Statements

  • Understanding conditional statement
  • Working with decision structures
  • Working with looping structures

Creating Applications

  • Useful commands for automation
  • Techniques and tips
  • Directing user action
  • Message box and input box
  • Conditional branching
  • Do loops

Debugging Your Application

  • Understanding errors
  • Debugging code
  • Debugging tools
  • Using the locals window
  • Using the watch window
  • Using breakpoints



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Excel Programming
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