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Communicating ideas and information is the cornerstone of organizational operations. Electronic forms of communication have made the transfer of knowledge quick, easy, and inexpensive. The ability to harness the potential of electronic forms of communication is critical in nearly every type of organization. But, in many, if not most, organizations, people work with a wide variety of devices running on a wide variety of platforms.

Adobe® Acrobat® XI Pro puts the power of the Portable Document Format, literally, at your fingertips. By taking advantage of the functionality and features available in Acrobat, you will ensure the integrity of your electronic documents regardless of who views them, on what devices, or with what operating systems. And that will give the confidence and peace of mind that comes with knowing that what you meant to communicate is what your document recipients will see.

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Who Should Attend

This course is designed for office professionals who need to create and share PDF files and portfolios.

Attend and You Will Receive

Participants who successfully complete this course will receive a certificate of completion from NC State University


Before taking this course, you should be familiar with the basic functions of your computer's operating system. You should also have basic word processing skills, such as copying and pasting text, and formatting text.

Attend and You Will Learn / Expected Outcome

Attend And You Will Learn

Accessing PDF Documents

  • Opening a PDF document
  • Browsing a PDF document

Creating and Saving PDF Documents

  • Creating and saving a PDF document from an existing document
  • Creating a PDF document from a web page
  • Combining multiple PDF documents

Navigating Content in a PDF Document

  • Performing a search in a PDF document
  • Searching multiple PDF documents
  • Working with bookmarks
  • Creating links and buttons

Modifying PDF Documents

  • Manipulating PDF document pages
  • Editing content in a PDF document
  • Adding page elements

Reviewing PDF Documents

  • Adding comments and markup
  • Comparing PDF documents
  • Initiating and managing a review

Converting PDF Documents

  • Reducing the file size of a PDF document
  • Optimizing PDF files
  • Converting and reusing PDF document content

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Acrobat Level 1
9:00AM to 4:30PM
Nov 17, 2020
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