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You've covered many of the basic functions of Microsoft® Office Access® and now you're ready to learn advanced Access features such as, database management, advanced form design, packaging a database, encrypting a database, preparing a database for multi-user access and more. Knowledge of these features separate database professionals from the casual database users or occasional designers.

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Attend and You Will Receive

Participants who successfully complete this course will receive a certificate of completion from NC State University

Attend and You Will Learn / Expected Outcome

Attend And You Will Learn

Implementing Advanced Form Design

  • Adding controls to forms
  • Creating subforms
  • Organizing information with tab pages
  • Enhancing navigation of forms
  • Applying conditional formatting

Using Data Validation

  • Using field and record validation
  • Using form validation

Using Macros to Improve User Interface Design

  • Creating a macro
  • Restricting records using a condition
  • Validating data using a macro
  • Automating data entry using a macro
  • Converting a macro to VBA

Using Advanced Database Management

  • Linking tables to external data sources
  • Managing a database
  • Determining object dependency
  • Documenting a database
  • Analyzing the performance of a database

Distributing and Securing a Database

  • Splitting a database for multiple user access
  • Implementing security
  • Setting passwords
  • Converting an Access database to an ACCDE file
  • Packaging a database with a digital signature

Managing Switchboards

  • Creating a database switchboard
  • Modifying a database switchboard



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