Course Description

Learn to work smarter in this information-packed seminar! You will see shortcuts that really increase productivity and tips that will help you move more quickly through projects. This one-day seminar is created so that Word users at all skill levels can pick up new and useful ways to improve their personal word processing abilities.

Word Tips and Tricks is taught seminar style, rather than in a computer lab. You are welcome to bring your own laptop to work along, or you can simply absorb and participate and use the detailed class manual to practice new tools when back at work.

See specific content information below in the section "Attend and You Will Learn."

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Attend and You Will Learn / Expected Outcome

Attend And You Will Learn

  • Customizing the Word environment so it works for you
  • Data entry tips you won’t believe you didn’t know
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • The value of AutoComplete and AutoCorrect
  • Enhancement secrets that will make you shine
  • Fun with lists and tables
  • Taking advantage of pre-created document parts
  • Letting Mail-Merge do all the work
  • Creating easy macros that simplify complex tasks
  • and more!
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