McKimmon Center for Extension and Continuing Education

Advanced Paralegal Certificate
Certificate in Digital Photography for Business
Certificate in Professional Development
Certificate in Professional Development for IT Professionals
Certificate in Videography for Business
Certificate of Digital Marketing Competency
Certified Financial Planning Certificate Online
Construction Management Diploma
Energy Management Diploma Program
Executive Certificate in Leadership
Executive Certificate in Management
Executive Certificate in Negotiation
Executive Excellence Certificate
Facilities Engineering Management Certificate Program
Home Inspection Certificate
Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Program
Maintenance and Reliability Management Diploma Series
Master's Certificate in Project Management
Paralegal Certificate
Professional Coaching Certificate
Project Leadership Certificate
Project Management Certificate
Spanish for Health Professions Online Exam and Certificate
Technical 3 Course Certification
Technical 5-Course Certification with CCNA & CCDA
Technical 5-Course Certification with Cloud+ & Linux+
Textile Technology Certificate Program
Webmaster Certificate Program CMS Design Concentration
Webmaster Certificate Program PHP Developer Concentration
Webmaster Certificate Program Traditional Design Concentration