Office of Professional Development


OPD-ABEA-N - Expression Analysis
OPD-ABICTS-N - Introduction to Computational Toxicological Screening
OPD-ABIL-N - Introduction to Linux
OPD-ABIRPB-N - Introduction to R: Practical Bioinformatics
OPD-ACTFPREP-N - ACT Fundamentals Test Prep Course
OPD-ACTUPREP-N - ACT Ultimate Test Prep Course
OPD-AOHSWPB-N - Basic Hydric Soil Identification
OPD-APPP540-N - PP540: Tropical Plant Pathology Study Abroad
OPD-ARAFTR-N - Annual Federal Tax Refresher
OPD-ARATPP-N - Accounting and Tax Planning for Partnerships
OPD-ARFIT-N - Fiduciary Income Taxation Workshop
OPD-ARFTI-N - Agricultural Taxation Issues Workshop
OPD-ARITS12-N - Introductory Income Tax Workshop
OPD-ARPLLC-N - Partnership and LLC Tax Workshop
OPD-ARRTRP-N - Registered Tax Return Preparer Exam Prep Course
OPD-ARSSP-N - Sub S Corporations: A Road Map for Tax Practitioners
OPD-ARTAX-N - Tax Schools
OPD-ASBCES-C - Building Connections: Effective Strategies for Engaging Parents and Children
Part I: Building Connections with Children
OPD-ASFLCAC-C - Family Life Coaching Accelerated Course
OPD-BRANDNY-N - BrandNiquely You - Personal Brand Intelligence 2-Day Workshop
OPD-BWREI-N - Building Wealth and Passive Income from Real Estate Investing
OPD-COACHINFO-N - Business and Professional Coaching Certificate Information Session
OPD-DATPREP-N - DAT Ultimate Test Prep Course
OPD-DCTTT-N - Teaching to Transform: Strategies to Promote Deep Learning and Change
OPD-EBADVB-N - Assay Development and Validation for Biomolecules
OPD-EBBA-N - Biopharmaceutical Analysis
OPD-EBBFSF-N - Biologic Formulation Science Fundamentals
OPD-EBCCB-N - Cell Culture Bioreactors for mAb Production
OPD-EBCCE-N - Cell Culture Engineering
OPD-EBCGMP-N - cGMP Biomanufacturing Operations
OPD-EBCNBD-N - Commercialization of New Biological Drugs
OPD-EBDEBAO-N - Introduction to Design of Experiments (DoE) for Bioprocess Analysis and Optimization
OPD-EBFE-N - Fermentation Engineering
OPD-EBFMD-N - Fundamentals of Mammalian Cell Line Development
OPD-EBGECP-N - GE Chromatography Column Packing
OPD-EBHVVM-N - Hands-on Viral Vaccine Manufacture
OPD-EBLSS-N - Introduction to Lean Six Sigma for Biomanufacturing
OPD-EBMCCBO-N - Microbial Contamination Control in Bioprocessing Operations
OPD-EBMPDP-N - Molecular Perspectives in Downstream Processing
OPD-EBNERS-N - Navigating the European Regulatory System
OPD-EBPA-N - Process Architecture: Integrating the Process to Deliver Successful Facility Solutions
OPD-EBPMF-N - Plant Molecular Pharming - Systems and Applications
OPD-EECDFB-N - Compiler Design from Front to Back
OPD-EEECF-N - Engineering Career Fair
OPD-EEESPEO-N - Optimizing Speed, Responsiveness and Energy for Embedded Systems
OPD-EEGRUC-N - GPU Architectures and High Performance GPGPU Programming Using CUDA and OpenCL
OPD-EEIPPM-N - Introduction to Parallel Programming on Multicore Architecture
OPD-EENEE-C - Electrical Engineering for Non-Electrical Engineers
OPD-EESPFST-N - Superscalar Processors and the FabScalar Toolset
OPD-EEUMA-N - Understanding Multicore Architecture
OPD-EI18IAT-N - OHSAS 18001 Internal Auditor Training
OPD-EIHACCP-C - HACCP for Tobacco Products
OPD-EILEANOF-N - Lean Office
OPD-EIPPM-C - Practical Project Management
OPD-EISEUT-N - Steam End User Training
OPD-EIWESC-N - Wind Energy Supply Chain Workshop
OPD-ELACINCDOT-N - ACI/NCDOT Concrete Field Technician, Grade 1
OPD-ELCLAIMS-N - General Liability Policy and Construction Defect Claims
OPD-ELCONBPRR-C - The Construction Business, Planning, Risk and Rewards
OPD-ELCONCLE-C - Construction Contracts and Legal Environment
OPD-ELCONEST-C - Construction Estimating
OPD-ELCONFMC-C - Construction Financial Management and Control
OPD-ELCONOP-C - Construction Operations
OPD-ELCONSCH-C - Construction Scheduling
OPD-ELDYO2013-N - Design Your Own Continuing Education Experience 2013 (Non-credit)
OPD-ELHAZARD-N - Evaluation and Reduction of Risk Induced by Natural Hazards
OPD-ELMTBTLE-N - Moving from a Trucking Business to a Transportation Logistics Enterprise
OPD-ELSEWER-N - Structural Rehabilitation Design for Sewers and Drains
OPD-ELSITE-N - Sustainable Site Design
OPD-ELSLPER-N - Design, Construction, and Troubleshooting of Concrete Slabs-On-Grade + Pervious (Porous) Concrete
OPD-ELSMBCS-C - Soil Mechanics: Bearing Capacity and Slope Stabilization
OPD-ELSTORM-N - Fundamentals of Stormwater Design
OPD-ENNUCP-N - Nuclear Plants Current Issues Symposium: Challenges & Opportunities
OPD-EOEMS-N - NC Electric Meter School - Exhibitors
OPD-EOUAEEL-N - Understanding and Applying Energy-Efficient Lighting
OPD-ESGIT-C - Accredited Geothermal Installer Training
OPD-ESNEC-C - NEC 2011 Code Updates - PV
OPD-ESREPVB-C - Business Basics and Technology of Photovoltaic Systems
OPD-ESREPVB1D-C - Business of Photovoltaics (1 Day)
OPD-ESREW-C - REW: Renewable Energy Generation with Small Wind Systems
OPD-ESSOLRADV-C - Designing Durable, Low-Maintenance Commercial Solar Thermal Systems
OPD-FLFSD-N - Foundations in Local Food Systems Development
OPD-FTDRE-N - Flip That Dollar – How to Turn Real Estate into Real Profit
OPD-FTFLF-N - Farm to Fork: Foundations in Local Food Supply and Value Chains
OPD-GMATUPREP-N - GMAT Ultimate Prep Course
OPD-GREDS-C - Grounding of Electrical Distribution Systems
OPD-GREUPREP-N - GRE Ultimate Prep Course
OPD-HCSLL-C - Speaking the Language of Leadership: How to Communicate with Power and Persuasion
OPD-HECOMPWRIT-N - Computers and Writing
OPD-HFCULTURE-C - Language Teaching and Learning in Different Cultural Contexts - 10 Hours
OPD-HFCURRDEV-C - Curriculum and Course Development - 10 Hours
OPD-HFGRAMMAR-C - Modern English Grammar - 17 Hours
OPD-HFLING-C - English Linguistics - 18 Hours
OPD-HFMETHOD-C - Methods in ESL Language Teaching - 14 Hours
OPD-HFPRONUN-C - American English Pronunciation - 15 Hours
OPD-HFRWVDEV-C - Teaching Reading, Writing, and Vocabulary Development
OPD-HFSIE-N - Summer Institute in English
OPD-HFSIOP-C - Integrating the 4 Domains into Content/Topic Lesson Planning (SIOP) - 11 Hours
OPD-HFSTRAT-C - Strategies and Activities for the ESL Classroom - 12 Hours
OPD-HFTECHNO-C - Instructional Technology - 10 Hours
OPD-HFTESOL-N - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Certificate Program
OPD-HFTRWVDEV-C - Teaching Reading, Writing, and Vocabulary Development - 10 Hours
OPD-IADOYH-N - The Design of Your Home
OPD-LSATUPREP-N - LSAT Ultimate Prep Course
OPD-MAFAF-C - Fundamentals of Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Professionals
OPD-MBBCHRL-C - How to Become the Critical Human Resources Leader You are Meant to Be
OPD-MBCOACH-C - Business and Professional Coaching Certificate Program
OPD-MBITSS-C - Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification
OPD-MBTSC-N - Boots to Suits Conference
OPD-MCAT15PREP-N - MCAT 2015 Test Prep Course
OPD-MCATUPREP-N - MCAT Ultimate Test Prep Course
OPD-MIBFS-C - Business Financial Strategies
OPD-MIPTR-N - Passport to Retirement
OPD-MIRPBB-N - Retirement Planning for Baby Boomers
OPD-OAREAR-C - Insect Rearing and Education Research
OPD-ODABS-C - Anti-Bullying Strategies for Primary Grades (K-3)
OPD-ODBAPI-C - Bullying: Awareness, Prevention, and Intervention in Grades 4-8
OPD-ODCSMUG-C - Comprehension Strategies for Middle and Upper Grades
OPD-ODCTKBSR-C - Comprehension: The Key to Becoming a Successful Reader
OPD-ODESW-C - Effective Strategies to Improve Student Writing (Grades 4-12)
OPD-ODET101-C - Educational Technology 101
OPD-ODEUITC-C - Effectively Using iPads to Transform the Classroom
OPD-ODGCTL-C - Google as a Classroom Tool for Learning (K-12)
OPD-ODICC-C - Introduction to the Common Core State Standards
OPD-ODIIW-C - Integrating Interactive Whiteboards into the Curriculum
OPD-ODIYS-C - Improving Your Students' Test-Taking Skills
OPD-ODMMIC-C - Making the Most of the Internet in the Classroom
OPD-ODMPDD-C - Multimedia Project Design and Development
OPD-ODRTL-C - Reading to Learn: Developing Strategic Reading Skills
OPD-ODSSNH-C - Study Smarter Not Harder: Study Skills for Students
OPD-ODTRWM-C - Teaching Real-World Math: Tools and Techniques for the Primary Grades
OPD-ODWWEC-C - Writer's Workshop in the Elementary Classroom
OPD-OIEBET-N - Basic Electrical Theory
OPD-OIECPS-N - Control Panel and Related UL Standards Based on NFPA 70 and NFPA 79
OPD-OIEEP-N - Electrical Power and Code Calculations Based on NFPA and IEEE Standards
OPD-OIEES-N - Electrical Safety for the Non-Electrical Skilled Worker
OPD-OIEESA-N - Electrical Safety Auditor Certificate
OPD-OIEESP-N - Six Steps to Design and Maintain Electrical Safety Program
OPD-OIEGANDB-N - Grounding and Bonding, Based on NFPA and IEEE Standards
OPD-OIEGBS-N - Grounding, Bonding, and Shielding
OPD-OIEGNFPA-N - Generator Related Standards Based on NFPA
OPD-OIEIM-N - Updates and Changes to Industrial Machines Based on NFPA 79
OPD-OIEIMC-N - Industrial Machines Certification - Understanding and Application of NFPA 79
OPD-OIEINDUSM-N - Industrial Machines NFPA 79
OPD-OIEMC-N - Motor Controls Based on NFPA 70: Developing and Reading Schematics and Diagrams
OPD-OIEMOTORS-N - Motors Based on NFPA 70 Requirements and Related Theory
OPD-OIENEC-N - Guide to the National Electrical Code for Field Use NFPA 70
OPD-OIENFPAC-N - Significant Changes to NFPA 70
OPD-OIENFPAE-N - Guide to Electrical Safety Work Practices NFPA 70 E
OPD-OIENFPAU-N - Update/Changes NFPA 70E
OPD-OIEOSHA1-N - OSHA Electrical Requirements - CFR 1910 Subpart S., Below 600 Volts
OPD-OIEOSHA2-N - OSHA Electrical Requirements - CFR 1910.269 Above 600 Volts
OPD-OIEPPM-N - Predictive and Preventive Maintenance Certification: Understanding and Application of NFPA 70B
OPD-OIEQEW-N - Qualified Electrical Worker Certificate Program
OPD-OIEQITL1-N - Qualified Instructor Training Level 1 Certificate
OPD-OIEQITL2-N - Qualified Instructor Training Level 2 Certificate
OPD-OIETIICR-N - Transformers I: Based on NFPA 70 Installation and Connection Requirments, Plus Theory
OPD-OIETIICS-N - Transformers II: Based on NFPA 70 Installation, Calculations, and Sizing
OPD-OIPOBD-C - Designing Early Childhood Outdoor Environments
OPD-OIPOBDDC-C - Early Childhood Outdoor Learning Environments
OPD-OLCFP-N - Certified Financial Planning Certificate Online
OPD-OLHICT-N - Home Inspection Certificate Program
OPD-OLMCASE-C - Case Studies in Project Management Online
OPD-OLMECN-C - Executive Certificate in Negotiation Online
OPD-OLMEEC-C - Executive Excellence Certificate Online
OPD-OLMTBPM-C - Team-Based Project Management Online
OPD-OLMTLG-C - Think Like a Genius Online
OPD-OLMTPP-C - Project Management: Tools - Principles - Practices Online
OPD-OLSEHP-N - Certificate in Spanish for Health Professionals
OPD-OSHMED-N - Spanish for the Medical Industry (Online)
OPD-OUNIVPTS-N - Power Thinking Strategies of Outstanding Leaders
OPD-OWEAES-N - Alternative Energy Specialist
OPD-OWEAPRT-N - Activity Professional Recreational Therapy
OPD-OWEBPO-N - Biofuel Production Operations
OPD-OWECIAQM-N - Certified Indoor Air Quality Manager
OPD-OWECIE-N - Certified Indoor Environmentalist (CIE)
OPD-OWECMA-N - Certified Clinical Medical Assistant Associate
OPD-OWECMAD-N - Clinical Medical Administrator
OPD-OWECMTE-N - Certified Clinical Medical Assistant Professional
OPD-OWECPO-N - Chemical Plant Operations
OPD-OWECWS-N - Communication and Writing Skills
OPD-OWEDAC-N - Drug and Alcohol Counselor
OPD-OWEDRBM-N - Dining Room and Banquet Management
OPD-OWEDSP-N - Direct Support Professional
OPD-OWEDT-N - Dialysis Technician
OPD-OWEEKG-N - Certified EKG Technician
OPD-OWEEMD-N - Event Management and Design
OPD-OWEEPE-N - Event Planning Entrepreneur
OPD-OWEFBCC-N - Food and Beverage Cost Controls
OPD-OWEFSBOWM-N - Foundations for Start-up and Business Owner Management
OPD-OWEFSM-N - Food Service Management
OPD-OWEFSP-N - Food Service Purchasing
OPD-OWEGBSP-N - Green Business and Sustainability Professional
OPD-OWEGCCP-N - Certified Green Supply Chain Professional (GCCP)
OPD-OWEGIICT-N - Green IT - Information and Communications Technology
OPD-OWEGRMAN-N - Green Management
OPD-OWEGSHR-N - General Studies in Human Resources
OPD-OWEHIT-N - Health Information Technology (HIT) for IT Specialist
OPD-OWEHOM-N - Hospitality Operations and Management
OPD-OWEHRM-N - Advanced Human Resource Management with PHR Exam Prep
OPD-OWEHSM-N - Hospitality Sales and Marketing
OPD-OWEIDD-N - Interior Decorating and Design Entrepreneur
OPD-OWEIGRW-N - Introduction to Grant Research and Writing
OPD-OWELBIEAS-N - Legal and Business Issues for Exit and Acquisition Strategies
OPD-OWELGA-N - Leadership and Goal Attainment
OPD-OWELPSC-N - LearnLaw - Pre-Law School Curricula
OPD-OWELSCPM-N - Logistics, Supply Chain, and Purchasing Management
OPD-OWELSW-N - Leadership Skills for Women
OPD-OWELTS-N - Legal Transcription Specialist
OPD-OWEMAA-N - Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA exam)
OPD-OWEMBC-N - Certified Medical Biller and Coder Specialist
OPD-OWEMBCCPC-N - Certified Medical Biller and Coder
OPD-OWEMHT-N - Mental Health Technician
OPD-OWEMHTP-N - Management for High-Technology Professionals
OPD-OWEMLS-N - Management and Leadership Studies
OPD-OWEMTENPO-N - Management for Tax-Exempt and Non-Profit Organizations
OPD-OWEMTERM-N - Medical Terminology
OPD-OWEMTRANS-N - Medical Transcription
OPD-OWEMTTS-N - Medical Transcription and Terminology Specialist
OPD-OWENFP-N - Nutrition and Fitness Professional
OPD-OWENGPO-N - Natural Gas Plant Operator
OPD-OWEOA-N - Ophthalmic Assistant
OPD-OWEORO-N - Oil Refinery Operator
OPD-OWEOSPBOM-N - Operational and Strategy Principles for Business Owners and Managers
OPD-OWEPA-N - Patient Advocacy
OPD-OWEPCC-N - Professional Cooking and Catering
OPD-OWEPFT-N - Personal Fitness Trainer
OPD-OWEPHARM-N - Pharmacology
OPD-OWEPHLEB-N - Phlebotomy Technician
OPD-OWEPI-N - Private Investigator
OPD-OWEPMAN-N - Purchasing Management
OPD-OWEPPO-N - Power Plant Operator
OPD-OWEPT-N - Certified Pharmacy Technician
OPD-OWESCSP-N - Senior Certified Sustainability Professional
OPD-OWESMS-N - Supervisory and Managerial Skills
OPD-OWESP-N - Sustainability Professional
OPD-OWESPA-N - Spa Professional
OPD-OWETAT-N - Travel Agent Training
OPD-OWETP-N - Therapeutic Reflexology
OPD-OWETW-N - Technical Writing
OPD-OWEVMT-N - Veterinary Medical Terminology
OPD-OWEVOPT-N - Veterinary Office Professional with Terminology
OPD-OWEWEP-N - Wind Energy Professional
OPD-OWLESFHE-N - Evaluation of Students and Faculty in Healthcare Education
OPD-PCPSNAM-N - 53rd Annual Meeting of the Phytochemical Society of North America
OPD-SANCSPC-N - North Carolina Statewide Purchasing Conference
OPD-SASCC-N - State Construction Conference
OPD-SATFPREP-N - SAT Fundamentals Test Prep Course
OPD-SATUPREP-N - SAT Ultimate Prep Course
OPD-SCVALFS-N - SC & VA: Foundations in LFS
OPD-SDPIARPL1-C - Program Accountability Level 1: The Who, What, and Why of Program Accountability
OPD-SDPINL2-C - Nutrition Level 2: Meeting Nutritional Needs of Students through School Nutrition Programs
OPD-SDPIPU2-C - Procurement University II: Administering Sound Procurement Practices for School Nutrition Programs
OPD-SDPIPUSNP-C - Procurement University for School Nutrition Programs: Understanding and Applying Sound Procurement Practices
OPD-SGACTIVE-C - Advanced Active Shooter Training: Stop the Threat
OPD-SHTE-C - Safety Hot Topics for Engineers
OPD-SNAI-C - Assessment to Instruction: Connection to the Learning Process
OPD-SNATS-N - Accelerating Transitions Symposium
OPD-SNAWARE-N - NC Ready for Success: Imagining Conversations about the 21st Century K-12 to College Experience
OPD-SNBSEX-N - Basic Skills Conference Exhibitors
OPD-SNBSSPON-N - Basic Skills Conference Sponsors
OPD-SNCCCSCEX-N - North Carolina Community College System Conference - Exhibitor
OPD-SNCCCSCON-N - North Carolina Community College System Conference
OPD-SNCTOCEXP-N - Core to College Expenses
OPD-SNEE-N - North Carolina Community Colleges Excellence Event
OPD-SNGPS-C - GPS for Success: NC ABE Content Standards
OPD-SNLIFE-C - LIFE: Literacy Instruction for Everyone
OPD-SNMMMC2-N - Minority Male Mentoring Conference
OPD-SNSAR-C - Student Achievement in Reading: Creating Success in Reading
OPD-SNSIOP-C - Using the Sheltered Observation Protocol (SIOP) to Plan
OPD-TBLER-N - The Bottom Line: Economic Realities and Other Considerations of Local Food Systems
OPD-TXADOEAC-N - Advanced DOE and Advanced Control
OPD-TXBBM-C - Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with Minitab
OPD-TXBBM-N - Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
OPD-TXBBMOJMP-N - Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with Minitab or JMP
OPD-TXCM-N - Master Black Belt: Change Management
OPD-TXDFFDMA-N - Dyeing and Finishing Fundamentals with Dyebath Measurement and Analysis
OPD-TXDICS-N - Design and Innovation with Computer Simulation
OPD-TXDSS-N - Master Black Belt: Design for Six Sigma
OPD-TXDSSS-N - Design for Six Sigma and Simulations
OPD-TXEDAS-N - Master Black Belt: Effective Design and Analysis of Surveys
OPD-TXEPAL-N - Error Proofing and Advanced Lean
OPD-TXFFIT-N - Fiber and Fabric Identification Techniques
OPD-TXFTF-N - Fundamentals of Technical Fabrics
OPD-TXFTT-N - Fundamentals of Textile Testing
OPD-TXGBM-C - Lean Six Sigma Green Belt with Minitab
OPD-TXGBM-N - Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
OPD-TXGBOJMP-N - Lean Six Sigma Green Belt with Minitab or JMP
OPD-TXKWFDD-N - Knit and Woven Fabric Design and Development
OPD-TXMBB2C-N - Master Black Belt 2-Week Core Course
OPD-TXMBBAL-N - Advanced Lean
OPD-TXNPLR-N - Nonparametrics and Logistic Regression
OPD-TXP2BB-C - Lean Six Sigma Plus 2 Upgrade to Black Belt with Minitab
OPD-TXP2BBM-N - Lean Six Sigma Plus 2 Upgrade to Black Belt
OPD-TXP2BBOJMP-N - Lean Six Sigma Plus 2 Upgrade to Black Belt with Minitab or JMP
OPD-TXPDAVOC-N - Program Deployment and Advanced VOC
OPD-TXPEAL-N - Performance Excellence: Advanced Lean
OPD-TXPECM-N - Performance Excellence: Change Management
OPD-TXPEDICS-N - Performance Excellence: Design and Innovation with Computer Simulation
OPD-TXPEEDAS-N - Performance Excellence: Effective Design and Analysis of Surveys
OPD-TXPEMPRP-N - Performance Excellence: Mistake Proofing for Robust Processes
OPD-TXPESIMIO-N - Performance Excellence: Computer Simulation Modeling with SIMIO
OPD-TXSLBL-N - Basic Lean
OPD-TXSLBS-N - Basic Statistics
OPD-TXSLDE-N - Design of Experiments
OPD-TXSLEP-N - Error Proofing and FMEA
OPD-TXSLRCA-N - Root Cause Analysis
OPD-TXSLSPC-N - Statistical Process Control (SPC)
OPD-TXSLVF5S-N - Visual Factory and 5S
OPD-TXTCMA-N - Textile Color Measurement and Application
OPD-TXTFUND-N - Textile Fundamentals
OPD-TXTMPW-N - Textile Manufacturing Processing Workshop
OPD-ZDNCES-N - North Carolina Education Summit on School and Community Engagement
OPD-ZDNCESX-N - North Carolina Education Summit on School and Community Engagement Exhibitor Registration
OPD-ZFFEM1-C - Facilities Engineering Management 1
OPD-ZFFEM2-C - Facilities Engineering Management 2
OPD-ZFFEM3-C - Facilities Engineering Management 3
OPD-ZFMRM1-C - Maintenance and Reliability Management I: Strategic Leadership, Planning, and Control
OPD-ZFMRM2-C - Maintenance and Reliability Management II: Work Flow and Materials Management
OPD-ZFMRM3-C - Maintenance and Reliability Management III: Risk and Reliability Management
OPD-ZGADR-N - Alternative Dispute Resolution Certificate
OPD-ZGALRW-N - Advanced Legal Research and Writing Certificate
OPD-ZGAPADR-N - Alternative Dispute Resolution
OPD-ZGAPALRW-N - Advanced Legal Research
OPD-ZGAPBL-N - Bankruptcy Law
OPD-ZGAPBLP-N - Business Law and Practices
OPD-ZGAPC-N - Criminal Law
OPD-ZGAPCL-N - Constitutional Law
OPD-ZGAPCP-N - Criminal Procedure
OPD-ZGAPEL-N - Educational Law
OPD-ZGAPEP-N - Estate Planning-Probate, Wills, and Trusts
OPD-ZGAPFL-N - Family Law
OPD-ZGAPIL-N - Immigration Law
OPD-ZGAPIP-N - Intellectual Property
OPD-ZGAPRPL-N - Real Property Law
OPD-ZGAPVA-N - Victim Advocacy
OPD-ZGAPWL-N - Water Law
OPD-ZGEDPCP-N - eDiscovery for Paralegals
OPD-ZGELCC-N - Employment Law Certificate Course
OPD-ZGIPLE-N - Intellectual Property Law for Engineers Certificate
OPD-ZGLIC-N - Legal Investigation Certificate
OPD-ZGLNCT-N - Legal Nurse Consultant Training
OPD-ZGLSC-N - Legal Secretary Certificate
OPD-ZGPCP-N - Paralegal Certificate Course
OPD-ZGPIP-N - Personal Injury for Paralegals
OPD-ZGSELO-N - Software Essentials for the Law Office
OPD-ZGVAC-N - Victim Advocacy Certificate
OPD-ZHCC101-C - Cultural Competency 101
OPD-ZHCLAS-C - Caring with CLAS: Understanding and Applying Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Service Standards
OPD-ZHESFHE-N - Evaluation of Students and Faculty in Healthcare Education
OPD-ZHFTH-N - Foundations of Teaching in Healthcare
OPD-ZHIHRERS-C - Improving Healthcare Relationships by Eliminating Racial Stereotypes
OPD-ZHISEHP-N - Instructional Strategies for Educators in the Healthcare Professions
OPD-ZHIWR-C - Improving Work Relationships...A Health Care Worker's Journey
OPD-ZHTEWC-N - Teaching Effectively within the Curriculum
OPD-ZLHS-N - General Hugh Shelton Leadership Forum
OPD-ZLMRHW-N - Mastering the Rockefeller Habits Workshop with Verne Harnish
OPD-ZLSC-N - The Shelton Challenge
OPD-ZMAIW-C - Running Innovation Workshops
OPD-ZMAPM-C - Agile Project Management Fundamentals
OPD-ZMAYE-C - Accelerating Your Effectiveness as a Values-Based Leader
OPD-ZMBFCPMW-N - Brain Friendly Communications for Managers Webcast
OPD-ZMCIN-C - How to Communicate, Influence and Negotiate in Project Management
OPD-ZMDE-C - The Discipline of Execution
OPD-ZMDIM-C - Do It! Marketing: Easy-to-Apply Actions for Busy Entrepreneurs
OPD-ZMEBPL-C - An Executive Briefing: Are Project Losses Eating Your Bottom Line?
OPD-ZMEC-C - Effective Communication
OPD-ZMESNM-C - Essential Skills for Managers
OPD-ZMFSPM-C - Full-Spectrum Project Management
OPD-ZMHEPM-C - How to Be a Highly Effective Project Manager
OPD-ZMISSM-C - Influence Skills for Supervisors and Managers
OPD-ZMLM-N - Life Mastery - Online
OPD-ZMLPEI-C - Leading Through Emotional Intelligence
OPD-ZMLPT-C - Leading Project Teams
OPD-ZMLVBL-C - Leading as a Values-Based Leader in Matrix Organizations
OPD-ZMMCONP-C - Managing Construction Projects
OPD-ZMMCP-C - Managing Capital Projects
OPD-ZMMCPM-C - Managing Conflict and Dealing with Difficult People
OPD-ZMMEST-C - Managing Engineering, Science and Other Technology Projects
OPD-ZMMMP-C - Making Meetings Productive
OPD-ZMMPM-C - Mastering Project Management
OPD-ZMMRPP-C - Managing Risks and Procurement in Projects
OPD-ZMNLP-C - Using NLP to Achieve High Performance at Work
OPD-ZMNOVI-C - NOVI-1™ Applied Innovation System
OPD-ZMNSMS-C - Negotiation Skills for Managers and Supervisors
OPD-ZMPCPS-C - PowerThink Creative Problem Solving
OPD-ZMPLL-C - Project Leadership Laboratory
OPD-ZMPLS-C - Practical Leadership Skills
OPD-ZMPMGCB-C - Project Management - It Takes More Than a Gantt Chart and a Budget
OPD-ZMPMP-C - Project Management Professional (PMP)® and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® Examination Prep Course
OPD-ZMPPM-C - Painless Project Management
OPD-ZMPPMAN-C - Painless Project Management
OPD-ZMPSGS-C - Portfolio and Stage-Gate® Systems
OPD-ZMSCI-C - Stimulating Creativity and Innovation: Techniques for Managers of Departments, Teams or Projects
OPD-ZMTLG-C - Think Like a Genius
OPD-ZMTPP-C - Project Management: Tools - Principles - Practices
OPD-ZMUBSE-C - Using the Balanced Scorecard Effectively
OPD-ZMUDM-C - Universal Design Methods
OPD-ZMWBPM-C - Whole-Brain® Thinking for High Performance
OPD-ZMWSSK-C - What Every Supervisor Should Know
OPD-ZNEM1-C - Energy Management 1
OPD-ZNEM2-C - Energy Management 2
OPD-ZNEM3-C - Energy Management 3
OPD-ZPLAWFAIR-N - NC State University Inter-Institutional Law School Fair
OPD-ZPLSATHYP-N - LSAT Hyperlearning
OPD-ZPLSATPLN-N - LSAT Free Strategy Planning Session
OPD-ZPLSATPREP-N - LSAT Essentials Test Preparation
OPD-ZPTPRFEE-N - Free Test Prep Events
TTS-AGILE-C - Agile for Business Success and Customer Value
TTS-AGILE-N - Agile for Business Success and Customer Value
TTS-BLCHNWB-N- - Information Webinar: Blockchain Technology Explained – How This Business Innovation Will Impact You!
TTS-CHATBOTS-N - Creating Custom Chatbots for Business
TTS-DEVOPS-C - DevOps/DevSecOps
TTS-DYNAMIC-C - How to Be a Dynamic Leader in Today's Dynamic World
TTS-GOOGTT-N - Work Smarter: Google Tips and Tricks
TTS-INSTABUS-N - Instagram for Business
TTS-INTROPA-N - Introduction to Online Paid Advertising
TTS-MRDIS-N - Mastering Reports and Dashboards in Salesforce
TTS-MRKTNG-N - Getting the Most Out of Your Content Marketing
TTS-MULTIGEN-N - Multicultural and Multi-Generational Marketing
TTS-OBLCHACCPRO-N - Blockchain Accountant Professional - Online
TTS-OBLCHENT-N - Blockchain Entrepreneur - Online
TTS-OBLCHFIPRO-N - Blockchain Finance Professional - Online
TTS-OBLCHHEPRO-N - Blockchain Healthcare Professional - Online
TTS-OBLCHINPRO-N - Blockchain Insurance Professional - Online
TTS-OBLCHLARP-N - Blockchain Legal and Regulatory Professional - Online
TTS-OBLCHSCP-N - Blockchain Supply Chain Professional - Online
TTS-OCORDA-N - Corda Developer
TTS-PWRBIDSKTP - Microsoft Power BI Desktop
TTS-PYTHONPRG3-N - Python Data Science (Level 3)
TTS-RPROGDS-N - R Programming for Data Science
TTS-WBSDESGN-N - Improve Your Online Presence with Easy Website Design
TTS-YOUTUBEMRKT-N - YouTube and Video for Marketing
OPD-Accounting,Taxation, and Finance
OPD-Architecture/Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
OPD-Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Biotechnology
OPD-Communications Skills
OPD-Computer Skills/IT
OPD-Computer Training
OPD-Ecology and Natural Resources
OPD-Energy Management
OPD-English as a Second Language
OPD-Facilities Maintenance and Management
OPD-Foreign Languages and Cultures
OPD-Global Affairs/International Business
OPD-Health and Wellness
OPD-Human Resources
OPD-Management, Supervisory, and Leadership Skills
OPD-Manufacturing and Industrial Systems
OPD-Occupational Health and Safety
OPD-Online Courses
OPD-Paralegal/Legal Affairs
OPD-Parks, Recreation and Sports
OPD-Porous Metals
OPD-Project Management
OPD-Quality Control/Assurance
OPD-Test Preparation
OPD-Veterinary Medicine
OPD-Youth and Family Programs