Osher Lifelong Learning Institute


LLI-1-083 - Gadgets and How They Work
LLI-1-270 - Genealogy: Starting with the Basics
LLI-1-376 - Cultivating Everyday Mindfulness
LLI-1-384 - Captains of Industry: Robber Barons in America's Gilded Age
LLI-1-409 - Climate Change in the Appalachians
LLI-1-438 - The Internet - Behind the Cyber Curtain
LLI-1-443 - 2020: A Stanley Kubrick Odyssey
LLI-1-451 - Burning Issues in Journalism
LLI-1-452 - Music of Africa: Six Case Studies
LLI-1-453 - Robert E. Lee's Civil War
LLI-2-194 - Human Microbiome in Health and Disease
LLI-2-207 - The Other Vietnam War: The U.S. Marines and Counterinsurgency
LLI-2-211 - Investment Strategy vs. Reaction -- Keeping Your Cool
LLI-2-212 - Our Next Giant Leap: Project Artemis and NASA's Plan to Return to the Moon by 2024
LLI-2-213 - Women Writing American History in Fiction
LLI-2-214 - Mother Jones and Frances Perkins: Lessons in Courage
LLI-2-215 - "Food Will Win the War!"
LLI-3-145 - Lecture -- Marian Music: Music of the Virgin Mary
LLI-3-409 - Lecture -- What Is Jewish Comedy?
LLI-3-416 - Lecture -- North Carolina's Economy: Past and Future
LLI-3-419 - Lecture -- Seeing the Ground Through the Trees: Using Remote Sensing Technologies for Natural Disaster Research
LLI-3-421 - Lecture -- Privacy Online: Who's Watching Me?
LLI-3-422 - Lecture - Heroes & Leaders: The Story of North Carolina's Buffalo Soldiers
LLI-3-425 - Lecture -- Paris Noir
LLI-3-426 - Lecture -- Talkin' Tar Heel: History, Voices, Culture, Legacy
LLI-3-427 - Lecture -- Viewing and Discussion of "Sitting at God's Table"
LLI-3-429 - Lecture -- The History and Science of Vaccines
LLI-3-431 - Lecture -- Swimming Between Worlds: A Novel by Elaine Neil Orr
LLI-4-006 - Event - OLLI Seasonal Celebration
LLI-4-124 - Study Trip -- Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral, Raleigh