Osher Lifelong Learning Institute


LLI-1-042 - Great Decisions 2021
LLI-1-287 - Truth, Opinion, and Lies: From Plato to Your iPhone
LLI-1-388 - The Astonishing Inner Life of Our Cells
LLI-1-414 - Cultural Landscapes: Raleigh’s Historic African American Neighborhoods
LLI-1-439 - Buckle Up, Buttercup: Navigating Public Health Crises and Controversies
LLI-1-456 - The Titanic and Mass Media History
LLI-1-459 - The Gothic Cathedral
LLI-1-460 - Death (But Not Taxes)
LLI-1-461 - Luxury Arts in the Middle Ages
LLI-1-462 - Next Steps in Genealogy
LLI-1-463 - Creation of an Independent and Modern Ireland -- 1916 to 2021
LLI-1-464 - Law Versus Justice in Classic and Contemporary Literature
LLI-1-465 - Discussing Jane Austen's "Persuasion"
LLI-1-466 - Using DNA in Genealogy Research
LLI-1-467 - The Development of the British Imperial Social Structure
LLI-1-468 - Great Books Discussion: "Great Conversations 5"
LLI-1-469 - Writing on Your Labyrinth Path
LLI-1-470 - Explosions and the Sinking of the H.L. Hunley
LLI-1-471 - Electrification of America – Edison, Tesla, Westinghouse
LLI-1-472 - Optics for the Curious: A Survey of the Study, Properties, and Uses of Light
LLI-1-473 - Astronomical Telescope Design and Use
LLI-1-474 - Racism, Religion and Reconciliation: Tensions in America
LLI-1-475 - Anatomy of a Trial
LLI-1-476 - Solve the Mystery of Mysteries
LLI-1-477 - The Secret Side of the Cold War: Espionage and Covert Action
LLI-1-478 - Fashion of the Regency Era
LLI-1-479 - To Live Woke in America: Discussions with Dr. Rupert Nacoste
LLI-1-480 - Crowded Space: Managing Space Junk and Visiting Space Rocks in Low-Earth Orbit
LLI-1-481 - "The Gift of Years" - Growing Older Gracefully (Part II)
LLI-1-482 - Teach the Children Well
LLI-2-041 - Understanding Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease
LLI-2-068 - Investigating Black Holes
LLI-2-077 - How to Avoid the Most Common Investing and Estate Planning Mistakes
LLI-2-137 - Invention of Race: Legacy and Liberation
LLI-2-143 - Stock Investing 101: Fundamental Analysis
LLI-2-205 - Bourbon: America’s Native Spirit
LLI-2-210 - Talking About Race and Ethnicity
LLI-2-220 - The Incredible Adventures of the Nansen Family
LLI-2-221 - The Shift from Fossil Fuels to Renewable Energy
LLI-2-222 - The Air We Breathe (Evening Course)
LLI-2-223 - The Promise of Self-Driving Cars: Benefit or Loss?
LLI-2-224 - Revitalizing Your Third Age Relationships in the Time of COVID-19
LLI-2-225 - Organic Gardening and Maintenance
LLI-2-226 - The Past and Near Future of Artificial Intelligence
LLI-3-342 - Lecture -- How Hollywood Helped America Win World War I
LLI-3-405 - Lecture -- From Poughkeepsie to Flushing: Five Years at the U.S. Open
LLI-3-411 - Lecture -- The Wonderful World of Bees
LLI-3-432 - Lecture -- The Art Nouveau Movement: The Image of Woman and the Cinema
LLI-3-433 - Lecture -- Understanding Current Methods of Political Campaign Research
LLI-3-434 - Lecture -- Cutting the Cord from Satellite and Cable Television
LLI-3-435 - Lecture - View and Discuss “I Am Not Your Negro” with NC Poet Laureate Jaki Shelton Green
LLI-3-436 - Lecture -- Dark Matter and Dark Energy: Unknown Forces Controlling the Universe
LLI-3-437 - Lecture -- When Einstein Changed the World: The Story of 1905, Einstein’s Incredible Year
LLI-3-438 - Lecture -- Learning from Disaster in the Age of COVID-19
LLI-3-439 - Lecture -- The Murderous Wilmington Coup of 1898
LLI-3-440 - Lecture -- The Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall (Evening Lecture)
LLI-3-441 - Lecture -- The Town of Cary in Its 150th Year
LLI-3-442 - Lecture -- The Regulator Movement, the American Revolution, and General Thomas Person
LLI-3-443 - Lecture -- “Swannanoa Tunnel”: Landscape, Race, Tragedy, and Music
LLI-3-444 - Lecture -- Quantum Computing in Your Future
LLI-3-445 - Lecture -- Shaping, Sharing, and Growing North Carolina’s African American Heritage
LLI-3-446 - Lecture -- Our Constitution: More Than Words
LLI-3-447 - Lecture -- Writing "Hieroglyphics": Discussion with Author Jill McCorkle
LLI-3-448 - Lecture -- Spring Forward to Greater Well-Being
LLI-4-136 - Study Trip -- Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve Wildflower Hike
LLI-4-137 - Study Trip -- Raleigh City Cemetery and Historic Moore Square
LLI-4-138 - Study Trip -- Triangle Land Conservancy Nature Hike with Local Naturalist Mike Dunn
LLI-4-139 - Study Trip -- NC State's Gregg Museum
LLI-4-140 - Study Trip -- NC State's Centennial Campus Architecture