5 Courses Required

The Engineering, Science, and Technology Management Certificate program will provide you with the essential skills you need to succeed at having your projects come in on time, on budget, and at the right level of performance.   

To earn your certificate, you must take five courses - three required courses and two electives. Most courses are available in two formats - classroom and online.

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Additional Details


Take your project management skills to the next level. From product development to infrastructure planning and technology rollouts, knowledge, and experience in specific fields are paramount for the successful management of projects in those areas. The Engineering, Science, and Technology Management Certificate program will assist you in effectively planning, understanding and managing all of the intricate details of managing an engineering, science or technology project.

Why You Should Attend

Attend this certificate program to learn to successfully manage science, engineering and technology projects.

What Makes This Program Unique

The instructor of the classes in this program is a highly experienced technologist with a vast understanding of the pitfalls and solutions that are needed to be successful in this arena.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who manages engineering, science, or other technology projects will benefit from this certificate program.