It is very challenging to be a leader in today's business environment. The technology changes constantly. Employees often have few people skills, and can therefore be more interesting to manage. Often, employees have risen up through the ranks and have landed a position of leadership they never envisioned for themselves. These individuals often find that making sure they grow their leadership knowledge helps them perform more efficiently and effectively. And organizations are very aware of how a great leader can help them flourish.  

The Certificate in Professional Development lets an employer know that the certificate holder is dedicated to becoming the best leader they can be. By improving leadership, communication, teambuilding, and delegating skills, the certificate holder shows him or herself to be a dedicated, dependable professional. Expert soft-skills instructor Holly Sullenger, and others, arm participants with skills that will make them more comfortable in the work environment.

To earn this certificate, participants must take 10 of the courses listed below offered within the Certificate in Professional Development series.

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  Take 10 of these courses: 
Minimum Required:  10  Course(s)
    TTS-LEADINGORGS-N   Leading Organizations and Teams with Impact
    TTS-TRNSFRMLD-N   Transformational Leadership
    TTS-CAREERMGMT-N   Career Management Workshop
    TTS-ITWRKRELAT-N   Creating Successful Work Relationships
    TTS-ITRELEVNT-N   How to Stay Relevant
    TTS-ITEMAILSKLS-N   Email Writing Skills for Professionals
    TTS-ITCOMMSKLS-N   Communication Skills for Professionals
    TTS-ITWRKPLC-N   The New Workplace: Thriving in an Intergenerational Environment
    TTS-ITTIMEBOX-N   Timeboxing: Staying in Your Project Window
    TTS-ITMOTIVT-N   Energizing, Engaging, and Motivating Employees
    TTS-ITMULTRESP-N   Juggling Multiple Responsibilities Successfully
    TTS-ITWRKXFNC-N   Working Within a Cross-Functional Team
    TTS-ITWRKDEMG-N   The Changing Workplace Demographic
    TTS-ITNETWRKNG-N   Successful Networking
    TTS-ITCOWRKRS-N   Coping with Difficult Coworkers
    TTS-ITRECRRETN-N   Recruiting and Retaining Talent
    TTS-ITCREATVTY-N   Encouraging Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace
    TTS-ITDELEGT-N   The Art of Delegating Projects
    TTS-ITMANGRMT-N   Successfully Managing a Remote Staff
    TTS-ITMANGSKLS-N   Unbeatable Management Skills
    TTS-ITSUPRVSNG-N   Successfully Supervising an Intergenerational Team
    TTS-ITMANGXFNC-N   Creating and Managing Cross-Functional Teams
    TTS-ITEMOTINT-N   Emotional Intelligence for Professionals