Today, the number one way to advertise, market, sell, and post jobs is through digital marketing tools.  And to accomplish all of this successfully, there is so much more to know than simply using the tools.  From rolling out a social media plan, to selecting content, to scheduling posts, to analyzing results, those working in digital marketing arenas realize they must fine-tune their skills to be competitive.  

The Certificate of Digital Marketing Competency lets an employer know that the certificate holder has completed the Certificate of Social Media Management plus additional courses designed to make them experts in the field of digital marketing.  Digital marketing experts Martin Brossman, Karen Tiede, Greg Hyer and others arm their course participants with the knowledge and hands-on experience that will help them work effectively and efficiently with digital marketing tools.

To earn this certificate, take the Certificate of Social Media Management plus six additional digital marketing courses offered through NC State University’s Technology Training Solutions.

  Certificate of Digital Marketing Competency 
Minimum Required:  6  Course(s)
    TTS-GOOGANALY-N   Google Analytics
    TTS-LINKSALES-N   Social Selling with LinkedIn and Twitter
    TTS-EMKTFDM2-N   Email Marketing for Business
    TTS-LINKNETWRK-N   Networking with LinkedIn
    TTS-LINKCONNECT-N   Gaining More Clients Using LinkedIn and Twitter
    TTS-SNAPCHAT-N   Snapchat for Business
    TTS-PODCASTING-N   Podcasting for Business
    TTS-PODCST1DAY-N   Podcasting in One Day
    TTS-WRDPRESS1-N   WordPress Level 1
    TTS-WRDPRESS2-N   WordPress Level 2
    TTS-SMMCP-N   Social Media Management and Marketing for Business (SMMMB)
    TTS-VOICEOVER-N   Voice Over