This Webmaster Certificate Program CMS Design Concentration concentrates on developing websites using WordPress. It also teaches HTML5 and  CSS3. It is offered in a series of continuing education, in-classroom courses in website design, development, and programming. The program brings together an outstanding faculty, flexible and diverse course offerings, powerful computing resources, and affordable tuition. This program will take you from the very basics to completing a fully functional website.

Additional Details

Who Should Attend

The Webmaster Certificate Program CMS Design Concentration is for individuals who want to create websites using WordPress from the ground up. Little to no experience is needed in the area of Web programming.

Expected Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to create a complete website using WordPress.


You should be familiar with a word processing package, Internet browsing, and PC concepts.

Attend and You Will Learn

  • Web Fundamentals and Web Marketing
  • Photoshop Project: Website Mock-up
  • HTML5 Level 1
  • HTML5 Level 2
  • CSS3 Level 1
  • CSS3 Level 2
  • WordPress Level 1
  • WordPress Level 2
  • jQuery Fundamentals
  • Web Accessibility