3 Courses Required

New and more stringent government reduction criteria continue to be placed on you and your organization!

Ever increasing national and international competition accentuate the need to reduce your energy costs in order to maintain and enhance profitability, while gaining a competitive edge.

As a student in the NC State University Energy Management Diploma Program, you will have the most experienced, hands-on energy professionals available. Your instructional team has trained some of the most successful energy managers in the world.

This comprehensive, convenient and cost effective three-part program will provide you with a hands-on, practical, real-world energy management education leading to your professional diploma. And it can be done in less than one year!

Upon completion of the three-week program, you will qualify to take a comprehensive course examination developed by the Institute of Energy Professionals. By successfully completing the exam, you will earn the Professional Energy Manager (PEM) certification, in addition to receiving your program diploma from the university.

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Additional Details

Why You Should Attend

  • Enhance your knowledge of the energy management field.
  • Prove your knowledge and competence in your field.
  • Set yourself above most of your peers leading to advancements in positions and earnings.
  • Earn a diploma from a distinguished university.
  • Join a select group of personnel in the energy field.
  • Gain exposure to current and emerging relevant aspects of energy management.
  • Provide the credential to your employer or prospective employer that you have the in-depth knowledge to be an effective energy manager.

What Makes This Program Unique

The North Carolina State University Energy Management Diploma will provide you with an excellent means of credentialing and will demonstrate that you have been exposed to and have gained a grasp of essential skills and knowledge. While not a degree or a specific certification of your qualifications, earning the diploma represents solid evidence of your successful completion of the course requirements and illustrates your dedication to becoming more knowledgeable of your field and valuable to your organization.

Who Should Attend

  • Plant and facility engineers, utility engineers, energy auditors, and corporate energy managers
  • Energy management pesonnel from state/federal government and the military
  • Vocational school, community college, and university educators working in energy conservation programs