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Today’s health, education, governmental, and other facilities are complex, dynamic, and high tech, requiring facilities to be maintained in a manner that maximizes the facility’s full potential while minimizing operational costs. Well trained, professional facility maintenance management personnel are needed to accomplish this.

The Facilities Engineering Management Diploma will provide you with an excellent means of credentialing and will demonstrate that you have been exposed to and have gained a grasp of essential skills and knowledge. While not a degree or a specific certification of your qualifications, earning the diploma represents solid evidence of your successful completion of the course requirements and illustrates your dedication to becoming more knowledgeable in your field and valuable to your organization.

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Why You Should Attend

  • Set yourself above most of your peers leading to advancements in positions and earnings
  • Earn a diploma from a distinguished university
  • Join a select group of personnel in the facilities engineering field
  • Prove your knowledge and competence in your field
  • Enhance your knowledge of the facilities engineering management field
  • With or without a degree in engineering, gain exposure to current and emerging relevant aspects of facilities engineering
  • Provide the credential to your employer or prospective employer demonstrating that you have the in-depth knowledge to be a manager in a facility’s engineering department

What Makes This Program Unique

North Carolina State University has established this non-credit diploma series to give you, the facility maintenance management professional, the knowledge and skills you need to help your facility reach its goals. You’ll receive the Facilities Engineering Management diploma upon the successful completion of three, one-week courses totaling 96 contact hours of maintenance, electrical, mechanical, environmental, health and safety, construction, energy conservation, and management. The weekly sessions, or equivalent hours, do not have to be taken in sequence, but you must complete all the requirements within a three-year period.

Upon the completion of the requirements, you will be expected to make a final presentation (15 minutes) on your special experiences in the field of facilities management. You’ll then be awarded a diploma from the Industrial Extension Service, College of Engineering and the Office of Professional Development at North Carolina State University.

Who Should Attend

  • Managers of maintenance
  • Maintenance supervisors
  • Maintenance technicians with operations responsibilities
  • Plant and facility engineers
  • Maintenance planners
  • Anyone that makes maintenance decisions regarding operations, repair and replacement


Minimum Required

3 Course(s)

Student must complete attendance requirements for each week in order to receive the certificate.